3 Top Tips To Trick & Treat Autumn Anxiety

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Any changes in a routine could bring about uncertainty and trigger feelings of anxiety, but what about a whole season change? Is there such a thing as Autumn Anxiety? The transition from Summer to Winter is the most dramatic – but how much of an effect can it have on your wellbeing, as you ease into a new rhythm of life?

autumn anxiety calmer you

Respected blogger Therese Borchard, has discovered a therapist who has coined the term Autumn Anxiety as the number of clients coming to see her spiked considerably, as Autumn approached, and I realised it is the same for me. It is a busy time of year – and this could well be a contributing factor, so I am sharing this article with you. So Autumn anxiety is very real.

That’s due in part to the fact that Autumn – more than January and the so-called New Year – is a time of new beginning. After the summer lull, schools start again, and the traffic increases on the road. We all dread the change of the clocks. We feel the cold, and we start to eat different foods. It can be a really tough time for everyone, and especially for those suffering from anxiety.

So here’s some of Therese’s Tips  to Trick and Treat Autumn Anxiety.

  1. Resist the desire to sign up for new activities and courses – even though this is the time everyone else does. Prepare yourself for Autumn without filling your diary.  (In fact you should just sign up for the Calmer You course which will support you!)
  2. Try less challenging challenges – get some small wins and boost your success rate.
  3. Be mindful that you might need some extra supplementation – such as Vitamin D now the sunlight’s fading, and Magnesium which sustains and nurtures the nervous system.

You could also try listening to the free relaxation MP3, or as suggested earlier,  take the online programme ‘Your Calmest Self’.

Thanks Therese for this really great insight, it’s a pleasure to share it. You can read the full article here.