The 5-Minute Journal

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I’m a big fan of journalling. I honestly think it’s one of the easiest and most effective way to improve your state of mind.

Not only does journalling, when done right, improve your mood in the moment, but it also has the potential to train your brain to think about things differently in the future.

I recently got sent a couple of free copies of The 5-Minute Journal; It’s designed to be done for 5 minutes each morning and then for a couple of minutes in the evening.

I’d first heard about it from Tim Ferris who is an incredibly interesting author and general life hack guru.

journalling anxiety

If you leave a comment below you’ll be in with a chance of winning a copy (I have a spare 😉 )

Here are the steps to the 5 minute journal. (BTW – You don’t need to buy the journal in order to do this, it could just be done in a regular notepad. However….some people might find they’re more motivated to do it by having the journal.)

In the morning you write down 3 things that you’re grateful for. Doing this focuses the mind on what’s good and even trains your mind to seek out good things so that you become a naturally more optimistic person. This is helpful to nearly everyone with anxiety, because a negative mindset and ‘thinking the worst’ almost always goes hand in hand with anxiety (am I right?!) This is the antidote!

Next it asks you to write ‘What would make today great?’. It’s about setting a positive intention for the day.(Click to Tweet!)

Setting a positive intention is like having a plan for your day. If you plan to feel good, to have great conversations with your colleagues, for meetings to go well and to spend your lunch break outside, it’s waayyyyy more likely to happen. Oh yes.

Next the 5 minute journal asks you to write some daily affirmations, starting with ‘I am…’

What we tell ourselves is really important. If you’re anything like I used to be, you’ve been telling yourself some pretty horrible stuff. You know, the kind of things you wouldn’t say to your worst enemy?!

When you flip it around and start telling yourself something positive and supportive, with enough practice, you make it a mental habit to think that way automatically.

Affirmations could be ‘I am confident and relaxed, I am enough, I am smart and capable, I am lovable’.

anxiety confidence

Then, in the evening, you write 3 amazing things that happened that day. Again, it focuses you on the good and trains you brain to seek out good things in your general life.

I think this is an incredible practice, I do it myself every day and I highly recommend you give it a try…for 2 weeks…and see what the benefits are for yourself.

EVERYONE  has 5 minutes a day to improve their life. Do it on your commute, while you drink your morning coffee…or even in your head as you shower.

Let me know in the comments…what do you think of this? Will you be trying it?

Leave a comment below to be in with a chance to WIN a copy of the 5 Minute Journal. (Sorry for any folks abroad, but I’ll only send the journal to the UK, to save myself some ££, thanks for understanding). Winner will be announced on 10th October 2016.

Ps. I was not paid to write this, nor do I get  any kickback from copies sold. But I love the journal and wanted to share the steps, plus give a copy away, which I was sent sent for free.