Your Anxiety Wants you to Know Something…

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Your Anxiety Wants you to Know Something

When I started to think about what message my anxiety had for me, it changed everything.

Instead of trying to battle on and suppress my feelings, I started to think about the anxiety as a symptom of something deeper.

The anxiety is like an alarm bell ringing; it shouts ‘Pay attention to me’.

It’s like a signpost to something deeper than needs to heal. A change that needs to be made. A lesson that needs to be learned.

Anxiety is like your best friend, showing you the way.

If only you’ll listen.

What is your anxiety trying to teach you? What does it want you to learn? To recognise? To change?

If you listen closely, what does it say?

For me it was saying; Slow down. Go easy on yourself. Take greater care of yourself. You deserve it.

So I made a lot of changes in my life. I quit one of my jobs. I made peace of mind my priority, instead of productivity. I got clear on what was really important to me and what I needed to let go of.

If I find myself pushing too hard, anxiety teaches me to pull back. To slow down.

What does your anxiety want to teach you?

Does it want you to heal our past? Or be kinder to yourself? Does it want you to say ‘no’ more? Or ‘yes’ more? Maybe it wants you to go out, or stay home?

Anxiety’s message can be confusing. The fear it creates seems to tell you one thing. Avoid. Stay safe. Keep the status quo.

But if you look more deeply, it’s something else.

My anxiety, on the surface wanted me to stay home, to stay out of harms way. But it’s deeper message was to teach me that putting myself out there could feel safe too, if only I did it and stayed with it.

The fear is a signpost to the thing you need to overcome.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Ask yourself, ‘What are you trying to teach me?’

Write down what comes up.

I’d love to hear what you discover the comments below.