Are you being overwhelmed by your to do list?

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For many of us who experience feelings of anxiety, there is also a feeling of being overwhelmed – and we might not even have that much on our to do lists compared to others. I have a friend who is super busy and not anxious at all. She works part time in a shop, has a home craft business and she lives on a smallholding with animals. Yet, she still manages to look fabulous, and has a great social life. I struggle to keep up with her Facebook page!

to do list overwhelm calmer you

The thing is that we do compare ourselves to others, and some people, like my friend, seem to be able to do so much more. To be honest, I like lots of gaps in my diary, and space to breathe, and I don’t like being overwhelmed. So the key is not to do that – not to compare, and not to overwhelm, to be yourself, and be OK with what you can comfortably fit into your day.

However, if and when those waves of overwhelm reach you, you could try some of these friendly ways to move to a place where you can stay calm and get things done.

  1. Delete it! If things don’t need to be done, delete it from the list. Drop what’s no longer useful or relevant. If you have the habit of taking on more than you can handle, consider saying that two-letter word, ‘No’, and think about what’s a nice to have compared with a must have.
  2. Don’t do it yourself. Try to do everything yourself and you’ll always be busy doing everything! Decide what to do yourself and where to get help. Share the jobs around. (I have a cleaner for a few hours a week. I still do the rest of the house, but it makes me feel amazing that on Tuesdays my house is spotless and most of the ironing’s done). What could you do?
  3. Delay. If things don’t need to be done today, postpone and reschedule. Sometimes you will find that postponing will mean that those jobs weren’t as important as you thought (and might even drop off the list all together in time!).
  4. Do. If it really needs to be done today, just do it. Just try not to cram too much into one day. You may want to schedule one big task for the day, and a few small ones. Start with the big task. Getting it done will give you a huge boost!

Now, it’s time to stop being overwhelmed, and get started and stay focused on what you need to do.  If you’re not sure where to start, a great way to get your mind calm before you approach your to do list, is to listen to the relaxation MP3 from Calmer-You.

Article by Lisa at Team Calmer You. We’re always looking for inspiring blog posts that can help you when you’re feeling anxious, and really want to channel your calmer self. Thanks to awesome writer from Inner Space, Amisha Bhavsar for the article on how not to get overwhelmed, where she writes about the 4 D’s you can try, to move into a calm state when tackling your To Do List. It was inspirational!