11 Best Podcasts For Anxiety: find your perfect anxiety podcast

Jan 25, 2024 | Blog

11 Best Podcasts For Anxiety: find your perfect anxiety podcast
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Most of us seem to have one form of anxiety these days, from full blown anxiety disorders to day to day worry and stress. We’re all looking for simple ways to add more calm to our lives and these anxiety podcasts offer a way to help yourself while you work out, walk or go about your day and listen.

From expert advice and coping strategies to mindfulness practices and personal stories, these anxiety podcasts offer a range of approaches for dealing with anxiety.

Why podcasts for anxiety are so powerful

Podcasts for anxiety are a great way to take in information, hear words of reassurance and shift your perspective. Listening to the host and guests can feel like sitting down with a cup of tea with friends. It’s a chance to feel less alone and get some actionable tools to start feeling calmer.

Podcasts about anxiety can feel like therapy in your ears! Only it’s free! What could be better than an anxiety pod for those stressful days.

Unlike reading a book or blog, you don’t need to take any time out of your day, simply pop in some headphones on your morning commute or lunch break and listen. Combine an anxiety podcast with a walk in nature, some exercises or even cleaning the house to super charge the mental health results. Any kind of movement is amazing for anxiety because it burns off the extra adrenaline and keeps us in the present moment.

Hearing other people talk about mental health is one of the things we all need when we’re struggling. Stories of those who have suffered and now feel better give us the reminder that recovery is possible. Knowing that you’re not alone is a vital step in feeling better, because having anxiety can be incredibly isolating.

There are several fantastic podcasts that not only discuss anxiety and mental health but also provide actionable tips and advice that you can put into practise right away.

Try out our pick of the 11 Best Anxiety Podcasts:

If you’re looking for the best anxiety podcasts out in 2024 – read on.

“The Calmer You Podcast” by Chloe Brotheridge

best podcasts for anxiety

The Calmer You Podcast is about helping you to heal anxiety, quiet the inner critic and live a more expansive life of calm and confidence. Chloe Brotheridge is a hypnotherapist, coach and the author of the bestselling book The Anxiety Solution.

Having experienced anxiety herself since her teens she now helps others who have felt the same and shows them there is a way to be your calmest self. With solo episodes on topics like ‘How to Sleep Better when you’re stressed‘ and ‘Handling Burnout’ and guests such as Johann Hari and Dr Megan Rossi. There are episode on many of the facets of anxiety and practical tips on how to overcome it.

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“The Anxiety Coaches Podcast” by Gina Ryan

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast by Gina Ryan

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast brings you a relaxing and inspiring show sharing lifestyle changes to calm your nervous system and help you heal Anxiety, Panic, Stress, and PTSD for life! There is no need to walk this path alone. Join them for a relaxing, informative, and inspiring time and start your journey into more peace and calm today. Find meditations, info about stress, anxiety, healthy living, mental health concerns, and more.

“The Mindful Minute” by Meryl Arnett

The Mindful Minute by Meryl Arnett

This podcast’s mission it to share mindfulness meditation as a support of one’s everyday joy. Meryl has been practicing and teaching mindfulness meditation for 10 years as an everyday practitioner. Join Meryl {mama. meditator. teacher.} each week for an inspirational talk and 20-minute guided meditation focused on how to live our lives more mindfully, easily, and happily.

“The Anxiety Guy Podcast” by Dennis Simsek

The Anxiety Guy Podcast by Dennis Simsek

The Anxiety Guy Podcast is another resource you need to begin lessening and eventually ending your struggles with generalized anxiety disorder, hypochondria, and depression. The anxiety guy podcast deals with the many different mental health challenges people face in today’s world, and shows you how to thrive above them.

“Owning It” by Caroline Foran

Owning It by Caroline Foran

A great podcast for women, from author Caroline Foran, comes Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast – with everything you need to hear to get on top of your anxiety. This practical and relaxed series explores everything from what anxiety is and why it happens to us, how our brains work and why it’s actually very normal to the various tools and techniques necessary for owning it. 

“The Happiness Lab” by Dr. Laurie Santos

The Happiness Lab by Dr. Laurie Santos

In the pursuit of happiness, it’s easy to get caught up in societal expectations. More money, a better job, vacations that make everyone on your social media feed green with envy… you may believe these are the keys to a happier life. However, this common misconception couldn’t be further from the truth.

Dr. Laurie Santos, a renowned professor at Yale University, has delved deep into the science of happiness, uncovering startling revelations about what truly enriches our lives. Shockingly, she has found that most of us are steering in the wrong direction when it comes to seeking joy. We’re often chasing after things that, in the grand scheme of our lives, won’t bring us the happiness we crave. Dr. Santos is ready to take you on a journey through the latest scientific research on happiness. Along the way, she’ll weave in surprising and inspiring stories that challenge our traditional notions of health and wellness

“The One You Feed” by Eric Zimmer and Chris Forbes

The One You Feed by Eric Zimmer and Chris Forbes

The One You Feed podcast uses the parable of two wolves at battle within us as a jumping-off point for meaningful discussions about how to live skilfully amidst life’s inherent challenges. It offers practical wisdom for a better life. Recent episodes have tackled how to navigate grief and the power of intentionality.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

There’s nothing like listening to Oprah to lighten you up and make you feel like you’re rocking your best self. Listen to interviews with thought-leaders and best-selling authors as well as health and wellness experts. These powerful conversations can help lead to such positivity and in turn positive behaviours. Topics include “The Power of Visualisation”, “8 Rules to Happiness” and “Life after Loss”. Oprah talks to a number of well-known people and experts including Dr. Phil, Amy Shumer and clinical physiologist Dr. Shefali Tsabary.

Your Anxiety Toolkit with Kimberly Quinlan

anxiety toolkit

Your Anxiety Toolkit Podcast delivers effective, compassionate, & science-based tools for anyone with Anxiety, OCD, Panic, and Depression. Kimberly Quinlan is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and public speaker based in LA.

Therapy for Black Girls

therapy for black girls

“Therapy for Black Girls” is a groundbreaking podcast aimed at addressing the mental health needs of Black women and girls. Hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist, the podcast offers a space where the topics of mental health and personal development are explored with sensitivity, insight, and cultural competence. Each episode delves into various aspects of life, from relationships and personal growth to the nuances of mental health in the Black community. Dr. Joy’s conversations with guests are not only enlightening but also deeply empowering, providing listeners with the tools, resources, and understanding they need to thrive.

Disordered: Anxiety Help by Joshua Fletcher


The best anxiety disorder podcast is ‘Disordered’ – a podcast that delivers real, evidence-based, actionable talk about anxiety and anxiety and anxiety recovery in a kind, compassionate, community-oriented environment. Josh Fletcher is a qualified psychotherapist in the UK. Drew Linsalata is a graduate student and therapist-in-training in the US. They’re both bestselling authors in the anxiety and mental health space. Josh and Drew are funny, friendly, and they have a knack for combining lived experience, formal training, and professional experience in an encouraging, inspiring, and compassionate mental health message.

Frequently asked questions

Is anxiety a mental illness?

Yes, anxiety is considered a mental illness. However, as with most mental illnesses there’s solutions out there, and mental health professionals are ready to help. Unfortunately, mental health remains a taboo topic. However, most people experience mental health issues at one point in their life so don’t put off coming up with a solution that works for you!

What is the best anxiety podcast UK?

Top anxiety podcasts in the UK include The Calmer You Podcast with Chloe Brotheridge and Owning it The Anxiety Podcast with Caroline Foran.

How should I choose a podcast for my mental health concerns?

Everyone experiences different mental health conditions. Whether it’s panic attacks or social anxiety or a full scale breakdown. Since anxiety symptoms and manifestations vary person to person, so should the solution.

Before choosing your podcast to overcome anxiety, ensure that it’s the right thing for your anxiety management. In fact, it may not even work for you.

If you’re confident that a podcast is for you, the best way to find the perfect one is to give all of them a dedicated listen. It might make some time, but in the long-term it will definitely pay off since listening to the wrong thing could actually be counter productive.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a sense of discomfort characterised by concerns or apprehension, ranging from slight to intense. It is a universal experience, as everyone encounters anxiety at various stages in life.

Do podcasts help with anxiety and mental health?

For lots of people, podcasts centred around anxiety can be incredibly beneficial. If you’re seeking a means to invite more serenity into your life, why not give the ones on this list a listen? And if you feel like you could use some support, it’s always a good idea to reach out to a mental health professional or licensed therapist. They’re there to lend a helping hand and guide you on your journey.

What else could I listen to?

Alongside podcasts, you could also listen to soothing music and meditation. There are a lot of apps that can help with this such as Headspace.

What is the 333 method?

The 333 method is a manifestation technique where you write down three things you want to achieve, repeat them three times each morning, and visualize them for three minutes. It’s a way to focus your thoughts and intentions to manifest your desires.

Which are the best podcasts for anxiety?

Try ‘The Calmer You Podcast’, ‘The Happiness Lab’ or ‘The Mindful Minute’ to get started on your calming podcast journey.

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