Foods That Reduce Anxiety (and others that make it worse)

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Foods That Reduce AnxietyFoods that reduce anxiety

The foods that we eat affect our bodies and our brains. Although anxiety can often make us feel out of control, we do have control over the foods that we feed our bodies and it can make a huge difference to how we feel.

There are a number of foods that reduce anxiety, plus others which could increase your anxiety levels.

Check out this image and be sure to include lots of the good stuff in your diet and cut out the nasties.

I always say that we should experiment with ourselves and make a note of the differences we experience.

Every ‘body’ is different and will respond to foods in difference ways. I suggest keeping a food and mood diary and making a note of any changes (good or bad) in your anxiety levels as you adjust your diet.

For some helpful tips of supplements for anxiety, click here, or for healthy recipes for anxiety click here.

The foods in the second image could be possible anxiety trigger foods so try to limit them if you can.

Thanks to Health Perch for these great images.



foods that reduce anxietyI’d love to hear from you! What kinds of foods reduce your anxiety? Is there anything that triggers anxiety for you? Let me know in the comments.

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