How do you cope with emotions on a ‘stormy’ day?

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You could well be the person who has it all organised – you’ve done your yoga, drunk your green smoothie, found time for meditation, yet you still have days when you feel stormy. Maybe today at work you felt that way?

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This is part of life. We don’t experience it in a straight line, life lives through us like waves. Events come and go, emotions ebb and flow, with ups and downs that you can’t control. You have no real way of knowing what life’s going to give you next.

So while the strategies you put in place to cope with emotions that come up that you don’t want to feel right now – sadness, fear etc, will help you ride those waves, what do you do when you’re in a storm?

The key is not to resist it. Simple, but not easy. You just can’t work against it –  it will last longer – you have to flow with it. The less resistance you have, the sooner you are in, out and through the other side.

Bethany Butzer, PhD, successful author and blogger puts it brilliantly

‘You have to stand in the storm and hold your own’.

If you’d like to read the whole article ‘How To Cope When You Feel Broken‘ click this link. It really is a well written and thoughtful piece, giving you permission to give in from time to time.

If you’ve been following the Calmer-You blog posts you will have read articles that teach you that you’re stronger than you think – and this is really very true. So next time you feel the storm coming despite your best efforts, stand strong, feel it coming, and let it flow through you. You’ll be out the other side and back to making your smoothies and finding time for meditation sooner than you think.


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