I see clients 1-2-1 for hypnotherapy in my London clinic and to anyone worldwide on Skype. Please send my assistant an email to hello@calmer-you.com or fill in the form below.

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I see people for all types of anxiety such as social anxiety, GAD and fear of public speaking, as well as for stress, confidence and self esteem issues.

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Can anyone be hypnotised?

One of the most common questions. Anyone can be hypnotised if they want to be. We experience this natural state of mind all the time; if you’ve ever day dreamed, or become so absorbed in a book or film that you lose track of time, you have experienced a state similar to hypnosis. Even people who are nervous about the session itself, can always get into the right state of mind to get a benefit from it. People cannot however, be hypnotised if they don’t want to be, since the individual remains in control at all times.

Where do you hold clinics?

I practice hypnotherapy in London, EC1V 8AB and via Skype from your couch anywhere in the world!

Will I lose control during hypnotherapy?


You remain relaxed and in control throughout. You are always in charge; the therapist only facilitates this process. During hypnotherapy, you will not be made to do anything you do not want to do. Hypnotherapy differs from stage hypnotism in that hypnotherapy empowers the client and the client’s best interests are at heart. It’s a feeling of relaxed focus, a bit like daydreaming.

What if I’m still undecided about hypnotherapy?

If you still have questions about hypnotherapy give me a call or book in a FREE half an hour initial assessment to meet face to face, or we can chat over the phone on 07977315063. You can ask any questions you have and decide if I’m the right therapist for you.

Does hypnotherapy work?

Yes, hypnotherapy can be amazingly powerful at helping people to make the changes they want to make in their lives. However it is not a miracle cure, it still requires work and commitment on your part. I don’t  snap my fingers and ‘cure’ you. It is a partnership where  myself and the client work together to overcome an issue. See my google reviews for what others have said about hypnotherapy with me.

What does hypnotherapy feel like?

It feels great! It is a pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable experience. Some clients describe it as being like an enjoyable daydream (one client said it was like a massage for the brain!) and some enjoy it so much that they want to stay for longer in that relaxed state. You’ll leave feeling like a weight has been lifted.

How does stage hypnotism compare to hypnotherapy?

Stage hypnotists thoroughly vet their participants before hand – they choose extroverts who want to perform on the stage and who would not embarrass themselves or the hypnotist by not playing along. Since hypnosis cannot make someone do something they do not want to do, the participant subconsciously wants to do as the hypnotist asks and play along. Although this can demonstrate the power of hypnosis, it differs from hypnotherapy in a number of ways. Hypnotherapy aims to get to the root cause of your issue or problem, and I work with you to empower you and help you to make these changes. Your best interests are always at heart, and your integrity is of the utmost importance.

How much do you charge?

As part of my hypnotherapy package I offer:
  1. Personally tailored hypnotherapy sessions.
  2. A recording of the session to listen to at home.
  3. Telephone support
  4. Email support and accountability
  5. Further suggested reading and resources
  6. Homework tasks to help to speed up your progress
  7. Hypnosis audio downloads for relaxation, sleep and confidence.

I do a block of 3 sessions for £540. Most people get great results in 3-6 sessions.

Lets have a chat to help you decide if hypnotherapy is right for you and if I’m the right therapist. There’s no hard sell and I’ll be happy to answer as many questions as you like. If I don’t think hypnotherapy is right for you or your issue I won’t take you on as a client but may be able to advise you on another type of therapy.

How many sessions will I need?

Most clients see good results in 3-6 sessions. I can sometimes be less, sometimes more.

How do sessions generally run?

Usually the first session is an initial assessment plus hypnotherapy and lasts for 1.5 hours. We’ll have a good chat about where you are now and where you’d like to be and a bit about your history. I’ll taylor the session specifically for you. During hypnosis, you’re conscious mind will get into a relaxed state and I will give your subconscious mind helpful suggestions designed to help you to make positive changes. After that, sessions are just under an hour. You’ll leave feeling positive and relaxed.

Can you guarantee results?

I don’t guarantee results since I cannot take full responsibility for the changes you make. I can however, guarantee that you will be satisfied with how our session together goes. If you are unsatisfied with how the  session session went I will be happy to offer a session free of charge or a refund on the session.

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I cannot sing Chloe’s praises highly enough. She is fantastic. I went to see Chloe not really knowing what to expect from hypnotherapy but even after just one session I immediately felt the benefit. Chloe is a very calm and caring person but at the same time utterly professional. If you are ever considering hypnotherapy then Chloe is without a doubt the person to go to! Louise

My sessions with Chloe were the first time I had ever done anything for my mental health, and the first time I had tried hypnotherapy. Chloe was lovely to work with and made the whole experience very comfortable and relaxing, she really put me at ease and I would very much look forward to our weekly appointments. Each session was different, interesting and personalised. I was particularly grateful when Chloe was able to update the session at the last minute when I told her I was preparing for a job interview, to make sure I was getting the most out of the session. I had six sessions over two months and have really noticed the difference. I feel calmer and happier and more prepared to manage my anxiety. I would highly recommend for anyone who is dealing with stress or anxiety!Pia

Honestly, I was a little skeptical that just 3 sessions would be enough to change much, but I thought it would be a start. The results after just the first session were astounding. I couldn’t put my finger on why , but I just felt more confident, more relaxed generally, less worried about “things”. After the third session I really felt so confident of my ability to go it alone that I felt I didn’t need to go back again. Chloe has also given me a few things I can do for myself and some links to help keep the positive ball rolling. Craig


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