6 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

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6 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

How many times have you tried to think your way into feeling better? Only to find you end up feeling even worse? I find that doing something physical is the fastest way change your state.

The term to ‘raise your vibration’ sounds pretty airy fairy. But I think it’s the best way to describe what I’m talking about it. Maybe talking ‘raise your vibration’ is one step too hippy for you, in which case you might prefer prefer ‘raising your energy’, or ‘shaking things up’ ‘boosting your mood‘ or just ‘changing your state’.

It’s just about changing how you feel in your self. When you raise your vibration, you feel better; more energised, at ease, positive, happy. All the good stuff!

raise your vibration

When I feel nervous, low, stagnant or just a bit ‘blah’ I know that in that moment no amount of ‘trying to think positively’ is really going to cut it. I need to do something quite physical to shift that state I’m in.

I need something to shake up my energy, create some good vibes and change up my perspective, fast.

Doing one of the following 6 suggestions has a positive effect on how you feel in your body. You can’t ‘think’ your way into feeling these benefits, you have to take some action. But they will leave you feeling waaay better than before.

Here I’m suggesting 6 ways to raise your vibration

– Run, speed walk, skip or cycle. Just doing some exercise is a sure-fire way to raise your vibration.

– Take a cold shower, bath or swim. In the olden days, people in mental asylums were given cold baths in order to shock them out of the state of mind they were in. I’m not condoning this, but it’s amazing how having a minute long blast of cold water in the shower or a quick dip in a cold river can make you feel alive again if you’ve been feeling stagnant or low.

raise your vibration
– Star jumps, jogging on the spot or shaking your body vigorously is often enough to switch up your energy. Shaking is interesting because it’s what animals do after they’ve had a shock or just narrowly escaped being eaten by a predator. They vigorously shake – and it’s as if they’re shaking off the stress and tension. Give it a try when you’re next feeling tense or anxious.

– Laugh. Call a friend. Reminisce over that side-splitting incident you and a friend got into when you were at Uni. Or watch something funny. YouTube cat videos will usually do the trick. Their hilarious-cuteness will be sure to get you chuckling and smiling your way into a better mood.

– Get out in nature, kick off your shoes (if possible) and make contact with the grass. Smell a flower, hug a tree (weirdly, this feels incredibly good, the hippies were right!) or just walk and enjoy the scenery.

– Do a celebratory dance (you know, the type you’d do if you just won the lottery, or found a dress you’ve wanted for ages that’s 50% off in Reiss). Jump up and down, pump your fists in the air, shout ‘YASSSSS!’ – you might even want to add a few spins into the mix. It’s a sure-fire way to boost your vibes. Maybe don’t do it in the office though.

What ways do you know of that raise your vibration or switch up your energy? Let us know in the comments.