Services I offer:

Is high functioning anxiety stopping you from enjoying the moment?


Overthinking every tiny decision? Never feeling good enough?

Is imposter syndrome holding you back?

You’re not alone

You’re here now and I’ve got you. Here’s how you can work with me to discover a calmer you.

Get started with my free High Functioning Anxiety Workbook

hypnotherapy for anxiety

Overcome anxiety with hypnotherapy

I’ve been a fully qualified hypnotherapist since 2011 and work one to one with a select few clients to take them from anxious and overwhelmed to calm and confident. My private hypnotherapy sessions help women heal the unconscious blocks holding them back. Empowering them to move forward again.

Working together virtually (via Zoom), using hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP, we’ll make positive shifts in how you think and feel. By removing these unconscious blocks, you’ll soon be achieving your goals and making your dreams a reality.


Join the Calmer You Collective


Do you doubt every move you make? 

Feel like you can’t relax or switch off?

Beat yourself up when you take a break?

I get it. Because there was a time when I was you. Now through group coaching, hypnotherapy and accountability I teach women, just like you, how to experience a new level of calm.

Now’s the time to get out of your head and into The Calmer You Collective. A monthly membership for chill-seeking goal setters who want to have it all. 

When you join – you get instant access to live workshops, workbooks and hypnotherapy sessions.

Find Your Calmest Self

Are you ready for anxiety to stop controlling your life? My online course will set you on the path to feeling motivated, inspired and truly happy.

Your Calmest Self gives you the tools you need to manage your anxiety and feel great about where you are heading. 

Here’s just a few of the ways you’ll benefit. 

Feel excited about life again

Instead of overwhelm and anxiety, you look forward to the new week ahead. Your new week begins with relaxation and positivity rather than anxiety.

Be productive and focused

A clear, calm mind helps you get more done. And done better. You’re now in sync with your life. Everything flows freely as you breeze through your to-do list, your body relaxed and calm. 

Other start to notice a change in you

Your best friend tells you how relaxed you look. How calm you seem. ‘Like a weight lifted off your shoulders!’ 

And it’s true!

Without your inner critic bringing you down, you’re able to get sh*t done and life feels fun again.



Business Coaching and Mentoring

Business ownership or being in a demanding leadership position can be a tough gig.

You worry how you’re going to find clients. 

How to take your business online. (Will you be able to create successful online courses and memberships?)

You dream of popping up a ‘course sold out’ or ‘wait list now open’ banner across your website.

And yet, as a leader or business owner, anxiety and a lack of confidence creeps in.

I’ve been there (and made it out the other side)

And now I want to help you become your calmest, happiest and most confident (and successful!) self.

Work with me as your business mentor if you’d like to:

Create a business – that you love to run, helps lots of people and gives you the time, freedom and energy to enjoy what matters most

Connect – and communicate with your ideal client

Scale your business – generate passive income by scaling up your business, creating packages, online courses and products. Help more people without having to clone yourself!

Find your more dream clients – and be excited to work with them every day 

Find your focus – learn to focus on what brings you the greatest results with your limited time. This gives you the work/life balance you’ve always dreamt of. 

Develop – clarity and confidence to put yourself out there on social media

Set goals – to inspire you, to excite you and to motivate you. 

Improve your PR – publicity to help spread your message far and wide, establishing you as an expert in your field.

Release the hidden blocks – imposter syndrome be gone. Fear of failure, kicked to the curb. Remove the obstacles stopping you getting what you want. 


business coaching mentoring

Happy people I’ve helped

‘Working with Chloe helped me get clear on where I was holding myself back. She helped me focus in on what was actually important, and to see the progress I had made so far. She is a brilliant, sensitive coach who created a safe space for me to identify changes I wanted to make; and kept me accountable to actually make them.’


Starting hypnotherapy with Chloe was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

In the beginning, probably as every person, I was worried I might not be able to change and I was scared of failure. But I trusted Chloe completely and I still can’t believe how much progress I’ve made! I’m so much happier, calmer and healthier and I’m getting stronger and stronger every day. To say ‘thank you Chloe’ is definitely not enough!


My experience with Chloe has been brilliant. I highly recommend her.

Each session was calming and relaxing and Chloë is fantastic at making you feel at ease and comfortable. I saw a big improvement and have recommended Chloë to friends. She is a great support for people who want to make a change in their lives but aren’t quite sure how. Very much worth it!


Thank you so much for helping to make me a better version of me. My confidence has grown hugely from our sessions together. It has made a huge difference to the person I am.

– Ruth grew her confidence

I saw Chloe during a time when I struggled with anxiety, insecurity and negative thinking. Each session calmed me and made me feel much better in myself, and the experience has had a lasting effect making me a more confident person. Highly recommend Chloe!

– Hannah