What do you see?

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old or young woman

Look at this picture on the left.

What do you see?

An old woman?

Or a young woman?

Can you see both?

What you see depends on your perspective.

The picture isn’t really of either an old woman or a young woman. It’s just some pixels on the screen.

WE make it either an old woman or a young women.

It’s our mind that interprets this series of pixels on the screen and we give it the meaning.

Often in life, we tend to think that the mind is like a camera; taking in the world as it really is.

This isn’t the case.

Ever noticed how some days your partner is the most annoying person in the world, the next day they’re the most amazing? The difference isn’t them; they’re still the same guy or gal. The difference is in your thinking.

This is why, instead of the mind being like a video camera, recording events as they are actually happening, the mind is much more like the projector; we project our own thoughts and beliefs on to life, and our experience is created by what we think about what’s happening, rather than about what’s actually happening.

Our thinking creates our experience, not the events themselves.

The picture above is just a series of pixels on the screen; you make it either an old woman or a young one.

The presentation you have to do at work is just a presentation; you make it either scary or exciting.

The weather is just grey and rainy; you make it either ‘cosy’ or ‘miserable’ in our minds.

Depending on the meaning and the thoughts we ‘project’ on to it, a friend getting a promotion could be a chance for celebration, or a chance for the green eyed monster to rear it’s head.

So next time you find yourself feeling negative, anxious or just plain irritated about something, ask yourself ‘what thoughts or beliefs am I projecting on to this situation?’

It can help to take some of the heaviness out of situations to remind ourselves that it’s our thoughts that create our feelings, not the situations themselves.

I’d love to hear about what thoughts you’ve been projecting onto your experiences in the comments below.

*This post was inspired by ‘supercoach’ Michael Neill’s podcast.