What’s Your ‘Love Language’?

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Since I found out about this quiz I’ve been obsessed. hearts

I got my boyfriend to do it.

My friends.

Their boyfriends.

My parents.

….And some random people I met at a party.

Everyone loves it!

It’s something that seems to resonate with everyone. It’s a quiz about love, and the results can be life changing.

Feeling loved is of vital important to all of us. When we feel loved, we feel supported, cared for and stronger as a result.

The quiz I’m talking about helps you to discover your ‘love language’.

We all have different needs in a relationship, things that make us feel the most loved and cared for. The quiz helps you to find out what makes you feel loved.

Is it quality time with a person that makes you feel cared for?

Or do you love physical touch like hugs, strokes and hand holding?

Maybe being verbally appreciated makes you feel the best?

Or having someone help you out with things?

Perhaps receiving gifts really makes you feel loved?

When we’re giving and receiving love in our relationships (and in our relationship with ourselves!), we feel calmer and more supported in every way.

My ‘love language’ is ‘quality time‘ – for me, it’s the most important thing! Now that my boyfriend is aware of this, date night is set in stone! I’m also aware that having quality time just to be with me is important too. It’s a way I can show myself love.

My boyfriend’s ‘love language’ is a totally different one, and since I’ve discovered this, it’s made our relationship a lot stronger.

Knowing the love languages of my friends and family will also help me to be more loving and supportive to them, which is good news all round.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a romantic relationship right now or not, discovering your ‘love language’ can help you with friendships, family relationships, colleagues or employees….. and your relationship with yourself.

If you’re single right now (or just want to show yourself some more love), and physical touch is your love language, it might mean doing things like having a massage (or giving yourself one) or having hugs with family or friends.

If it’s receiving gifts that you really like, buying yourself something small to let yourself know that you appreciate you.

Or for quality time, spend time with people who care about you, or spend some quality time with yourself like having a walk in the park or doing some yoga.

Give the quiz and try now and let us know in the comments what ‘love language’ you relate to and share with us one specific thing that makes you feel loved.

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